RFID and IP Speakers

What is the preferred method for purchasing IPsession End Point technology?

  • We recommend you contact IPcelerate sales initially, we can help you identify the best solutions quickly.  After our initial contact, you have the option to work with our End Point partners directly or continue to work with us to implement a solution.

 I see that you have multiple End Points business partners to work with.  Does this mean that we can select from any of the displayed companies? 

  • Yes, we know that you have unique needs for all of your end point solutions.  Our IP speaker partners offer a full range of technical solutions for working with IP speakers, converting analog speakers to IP, and even displaying text from the same devices that are used to send audio.

Can we get on-site support directly for installation and ongoing maintenance of our installed End Point products?

  • Yes, our partners provide on-site support and also offer the choice to install and maintain the product for the customer

Does the RFID End Points product work in combination with IPcelerate's products?

  • Yes, all of the End Point technology works with IPcelerate products

Does the RFID End Points technology include security options?

  • Yes, the RFID technology from Status Solutions offers monitoring and alerting for:
    • Fire
    • Smoke
    • Water
    • Moisture
    • Asset tracking (people, equipment, etc)
    • Mobile alerting
    • 802.11 and 900 MHZ wireless communication options

How do we call in a trouble ticket for a End Point products that are not provided by IPcelerate's End Point products?

  • IPcelerate can help you with the initial fault isolation so you can be sure the issue is related to your end point and not IPcelerate
  • Once this issue is isolated to the End Points, you can contact them directly
  • You also have the option to contact them directly

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