Courtroom Safety

Government Employee Emergency Notifications

The Challenge

A large municipality requires a solution to quickly notify its employees of emergency situations such as an armed intruder, an approaching tornado, a fire evacuation, etc. While sounding alarms is an effective way for the majority of the complex, the municipality must also provide a visual indication for those employees who are hearing impaired. Visual indicators would also allow them to alert the employees without agitating any armed intruder.

Benefits of Solving

Solving this challenge will benefit the municipality in the following ways:

  • The facility will accommodate the hearing impaired to ensure all its employees are aware of certain types of emergency situations, leading to a safer environment
  • Insurance rates are potentially reduced due to the government's improvement of its emergency notification process
  • An effective alert system will act as a deterrent to potential acts of violence against the municipality
  • Increased employee safety will result in a happier, more supportive work environment


The focus of this solution is using color graphic images to the screen of IP phones to indicate certain types of emergency situations.

  • Available colors supported by IP phones allows the municipality to select various contrasting shades to represent various types of emergencies through application administrative interfaces
  • Because receiving notifications of a perceived emergency significantly disrupts productivity, the emergency notification process is password protected, requiring a special pin number to be entered
  • Gradual shade changes can be used to indicate changes in severity of the situation, with each shade being driven by dialing an internal extension and selecting a speed dial button or icon
  • A user hits a speed dial button or an icon reserved for indicating a specific type of emergency, changing the entire screen of a group of targeted phones a certain color
  • The color filled phone screen is refreshed every five to seven seconds, indicating the emergency situation still persists
  • A user hits a speed dial button or an icon reserved for clearing emergencies, changing the entire screen of a group of targeted phones a certain color
  • The targeted phones are selected according to what speed dial button or icon is selected or what extension is entered

Required Products

  • IPsession
  • IPsession Mobile

Enabled Features

  • Personal Alert

Targeted End Points

  • Cisco IP phones

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