Reducing Re-admissions

The Challenge

A hospital has specific discharge procedures for patients which include a review of medications, follow-up appointments and other important directions the patient needs to follow once at home. Unfortunately, patients often forget these instructions and end up back at the hospital for unnecessary re-admittance, which negatively impacts revenue to the hospital.

Benefits of Solving

  • Reducing the number of re-admissions will increase revenues by keeping more beds open and avoiding limited insurance payments
  • Sending patients an automated voice message and/or personalized video message will aid in patient recovery and result in fewer calls back to the hospital or doctor with questions
  • Improved communication will positively impact a patient's experience with the hospital, leading to more referrals and patient retention


The medical facility provides audio (generic) or visual (highly personalized) notification to patients . These messages can range from audio reminders to take specific medicines or avoid specific foods, to videos demonstrating specific exercises or offering personal encouragement.

  • Dial-Out is used to deliver audio reminders via a recorded phone message
  • The patient's phone rings, and when they answer, they hear a pre-recorded message that could remind them to take their medicine, or remind them of their exercises
  • IPsession Add-ons Streamz is used to deliver video/visual reminders via a video note
  • This video note is created on the Apple iPad device using the IPsession Mobile Streaming feature, which is downloaded from the Apple Applications Store
  • The doctor (or therapist) creates a video stream, and posts it on the hospital portal contained within IPsession
  • Only the intended patient has access to this video stream, unless the doctor indicates otherwise
  • The patient receives a notification in their email Inbox, and they click on the notification to access the portal
  • The portal can be password-protected, if desired

Required Products

  • IPsession
  • IPsession Mobile
  • Streamz

Enabled Features

  • Dialout
  • IPsession Mobile Streaming
  • Streamz

Targeted End Points

  • Cisco IP phones
  • Home phones
  • Business phones
  • Cell phones

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