Shift Rounding

Enhancing Hospital Rounding

The Challenge

Patients of a large hospital have been complaining about the lack of continuity from one shift of staff to the next. Daytime staff doctors make their rounds, but do not seem to convey their observations clearly to the evening nurses. In addition, doctors cannot be easily located when there are questions regarding their notes in the patient charts. This is creating frustration with both patients and the nursing staff. The hospital would like to provide tools to their staff to make both doctor rounds and shift rounding more effective.

Benefits of Solving

  • Doctors can take pictures, or even videos, of patients to visually represent their observations, making it easier to communicate patient needs during shift rounding
  • Doctors can be easily located to answer questions through a GPS Locator enabled using the Apple iPad
  • During busy times, the doctor's visual or audible notes can be sent to nurses so face-to-face shift rounding is not required, resulting in greater attention to the patients


The medical facility provides doctors and nurses with the ability to create and manage audio/visual documents for information exchange during patient rounds and shift-changes.

  • Locator is used to automatically capture the doctor GPS location and share it with hospital / nursing administrators without interrupting the doctors as they make their rounds
  • Streamz is used to capture patient progress and document any issues visually and/or audibly
  • These audio and video/image notes are created on the IPsession Mobile Streaming feature, which is downloaded from Apple Applications store
  • The doctor creates a stream – which can contain a video note, an audio note, and/or patient images - and posts it on the hospital portal contained within IPsession
  • Only the intended community has access to this stream, unless the doctor indicates otherwise
  • Community members receive a notification in their email Inbox, or an alert on their Apple iPad, when a stream is received
  • They click on the notification to access the portal and view/listen to the stream
  • The portal can be password-protected, if desired.

Required Products

  • IPsession
  • IPsession Mobile
  • Streamz

Enabled Features

  • IPsession Mobile Streaming
  • Streamz

Targeted End Points

  • iPads
  • Desktop PCs
  • Laptop PCs
  • Tablet PCs

Getting Started

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