Campus Safety

Enhancing Campus Safety With Faculty Initiated Alerts

Enhancing Campus Safety With Faculty Initiated Alerts

The Challenge

A large university is faced with an increase in crime on campus, and wants to find a way to increase communication between faculty and campus security, as well as create a campus watch program with staff. Administration is concerned about recent negative publicity and how it may impact student enrollment, as well as alumni donations.

Benefits of Solving

Enabling faculty to send emergency alerts to campus police expands the reach of campus security without increasing the staff and associated expenses:

  • Response to emergencies will be faster and more efficient with this tightly integrated solution
  • Campus police will know the exact location of the situation, as well as details, before arriving on the scene
  • Campus police can send pre-programmed mass alerts throughout campus as warranted, as well as initiate first response teams depending on the needs of the situation
  • Faculty can take videos or pictures and send them immediately to campus security, further enhancing their ability to respond quickly and correctly to the given situation


Faculty can send alerts and location of events to campus police through their IPsession Mobile devices, Apple iPhone, or desktop IP phone.

  • Campus police can then send campus-wide alerts, as well as capture event details both visually and audibly, on their IPsession Mobile devices
  • Faculty downloads IPsession™ Mobile from the Apple™ Application Store for their iPhones and iPads
  • When they need to send an alert to campus police, they depress an icon on their iPhone or Cius device, which automatically initiates a phone call and sends a map detailing the faculty member's exact GPS coordinates
  • Faculty can also depress an icon on the Cisco IP Phone, which sends an alert to campus police, along with the exact location of the IP phone, through the e-911 Alert application
  • IPsession Mobile tracks the GPS coordinates of each campus police officer, so the closest officer can be deployed to the situation
  • Officers can then use their Apple iPad device and IPsession™ Mobile to launch campus-wide alerts, capture the event both visually and audibly, and then upload and store these records for auditing purposes

Required Products

  • IPsession
  • IPsession Mobiile

Enabled Features

  • IPsession Mobile GPS Alerting
  • IPsession Mobile GPS Locator
  • IPsession Mobile Streaming

Targeted End Points

  • iPads
  • Cisco IP phones
  • Desktop PCs
  • Laptop PCs
  • Tablets

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