Extending the Classroom

Extending The University Classroom With Virtual Tutoring

The Challenge

The biochemistry department of a large university wants to provide its students with better study aids and visual tutorials. Professors hold office hours, but they are often crowded and don't fit into every student's schedule. The department wants students to have access to study aids whenever they need them, not just when its convenient to the professor.

Benefits of Solving

Providing professors with an easy way to create short videos will allow them to convey important subject content in their own words and style:

  • Students will be able to access critical information via video study aids whenever they need them—in the middle of the night, week-ends, evenings, etc
  • Students will be able to comment and ask questions relating to a specific video, and then receive the help they need from both the professor and fellow students
  • Athletes who miss classes for away games will be able to keep up with class work by watching videos on critical subject matter covered in their absence
  • With access to enhanced study aids, universities may see improved GPAs from their students, which will positively impact their ability to recruit and retain stellar students


The university provides professors with the ability to create and manage audio/visual documents/study aids to then share with a community of students:

  • Streamz is used by professors to create short videos explaining a key concept for students to use as study aids
  • These videos are created on the Apple iPad using IPsession Mobile, which is downloaded from Apple Applications Store
  • The professor creates a stream, designates the exact students who should have access to the information, and then posts it on the university portal contained within IPsession
  • The designated students a notification in their email Inbox, and click on the provided link to access the portal and view/listen to the stream
  • The portal can be password-protected, if desired. Students can thoughts/questions in the comment section of the stream, opening up dialog with the professor and other students

Required Products

  • IPsession
  • IPsession Mobile Streaming
  • Streamz

Enabled Features

  • iPads
  • Desktop PCs
  • Laptop PCs
  • Tablets

Getting Started

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