Faculty Collaboration

Faculty Collaboration

Tracking Time Through IP Phones

The Challenge

A university needs a time clock solution for its maintenance department which allows employees to clock in when they get to a particular building, and then clock out when they leave. This will allow the department to track time per job/project and then bill the appropriate department for work completed. The university has 750 IP phones and would like a solution that will utilize these phones and their existing IP telephony environment.

Benefits of Solving

Solving this challenge will benefit the University in the following ways:

  • The university will be able to track where maintenance dollars are spent and which departments need more maintenance services, thereby allowing them to better budget these expenses going forward
  • The maintenance department will be able to improve staffing efficiencies by assessing where on campus maintenance is required and when the department seems busier or slower
  • With maintenance in their individual budgets, each department can plan ahead for necessary repairs or improvements
  • Accountability and time management among maintenance employees will increase as their time spent on specific tasks will be evaluated and assessed for performance standards
  • By clocking in at a particular location, maintenance employees can be easily located and re-routed as needed to emergency situations near their current location.


The focus of this solution is to provide a flexible and trackable timecard process that can be accessed from multiple locations.

  • Each IP phone on campus will require the Timecard service, allowing an employee to log in with a user name and password/PIN
  • Once logged in, the employee can clock in or out of that IP phone. Job codes can be entered to allow the maintenance department to track which activities are completed
  • Location information provided by the IPsession Device Location Enforcer allows the department to view the exact location of the employee
  • Location information is exported by the IPsession administrator and sent to accounting for payroll and departmental billing purposes

Required Products

  • IPsession

Enabled Features

  • Timecard
  • Location Enforcer

Targeted End Points

  • Cisco IP phones
  • Desktop PCs
  • Laptop PCs
  • Tablets

Getting Started

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