Alumni Fundraising With Visual Communications

The Challenge

Universities are continually contacting their alumni for donations to help support specific departments, athletics, the arts, or even upgrades and improvements to the campus. A great deal of money is spent each year in developing, printing and mailing donation requests, often with very little return in dollars raised. Mail goes unopened and discarded with the rest of the junk mail. The universities need to take advantage of new technology and media—in a way that is familiar and easy to their alumni.

Benefits of Solving

Providing a new way for universities to communicate their needs will better capture the attention of alumni:

  • Short, concise videos can visually communicate in a variety of ways as to how money will be spent—informal messages from the dean, architectural renderings of campus improvements, student presentations, video clips of the current theatrical production, or sporting event footage
  • Using familiar technology such as email and the internet, alumni can click on links to watch videos, and then click on a link to make an online donation quickly and easily
  • Any teacher or coach can also enjoy the benefit of visual communications, using videos to raise money for specific academic or athletic departments.


The university has the ability to create and manage audio/visual messages to then share with a community of parents:

  • IPsession Mobile Streaming is used to create short videos highlighting key messages to aid in fundraising efforts
  • These Videos are created on the Apple iPad device using the IPsession Mobile Streaming capability
  • The faculty member creates a stream, designates the exact audience (all alumni or subsets depending on the message) who should have access to the information, and then posts it on the university's portal contained within IPsession
  • The designated alumni receive a notification in their email Inbox, and click on the provided link to access the portal and view/listen to the stream
  • The portal can be password-protected, if desired
  • Alumni can post thoughts/questions in the comment section of the stream, opening up dialog with the alumni department. Links to online donations can be inserted below the video

Required Products

  • IPsession
  • IPsession Mobile

Enabled Features

  • iPads
  • Desktop PCs
  • Laptop PCs
  • Tablets

Getting Started

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