Revenue Generation

Increasing Student Safety on Campus & Creating Revenue

The Challenge

A university is looking for a way to increase safety and security to its students, staff, and faculty as well as increase university revenue. While several steps have been taken to provide alarm triggers within campus buildings and parking lots, the university police are looking for a way to trigger an alarm from anywhere on campus. The most logical tool is the cellular phone, which over 95% of the university population carries. The challenge is how to extend commercial grade applications that are reliable and follow the technology strategy of the university.

Benefits of Solving

Solving this challenge will benefit the college in the following ways:

  • It's clear that the most dangerous areas for students, staff, and faculty are between buildings, isolated areas, alley ways, nearby retail areas, and other locations where a way to signal an emergency does not exist. By extending the ability to signal an emergency to the cell phone, each university citizen is within security personnel's reach
  • For cellular phones with GPS embedded, the user's location can be shared ,while triggering an alarm to the safety and security department, thus decreasing their response time
  • Cellular users are accustomed to paying for applications downloaded to the cell phone. By providing a suite of applications that not only target safety and security, but personal productivity and socialization, the university can create a new revenue source as they mandate use of the safety and security applications
  • By supporting cellular applications through the university's VoIP infrastructure, the university is not only increasing its ROI, but also extending the infrastructure's lifespan by supporting a new technology that is expected to become more relevant across its population in the coming years.


The focus of this solution is to extend safety and security beyond traditional VoIP boundaries by leveraging IPcelerate's IPsession Mobile solution and IPsession Add-ons Call Recording capabilities

  • IPcelerate's applications appliance, IPsession NG, provides access to its applications and the supporting VoIP environment to smart cellular devices through its embedded Web Services API
  • Multiple application suites are made available to provide the appropriate combination of applications to the different university citizens; panic buttons and socialization applications for students; alert buttons, video surveillance camera access, and instant conferencing for emergency response personnel; access to mass messaging for university administrators, etc
  • By holding down a Panic Button icon, a student notifies the university police department of an emergency; the GPS tracking information is sent so that police personnel know instantly where the emergency is taking place
  • A university police officer receives an emergency notification and realizes he is close to the incident. By pressing an icon on his cellular device, he instantly initiates a conference call to the other officers, providing a description of the event and allowing the department to coordinate its response
  • By pressing another icon on his cellular device, the police officer can select from campus security cameras to gain visibility into the area surrounding the emergency
  • The ensuing conference call is automatically recorded, providing the university police department an excellent opportunity to improve their internal procedures and training program.

Required Products

  • IPsession
  • IPsession Mobile

Enabled Features

  • IP cameras
  • iPads
  • iPhones
  • Desktop PCs
  • Laptop PCs
  • Tablets
  • IPsession Mobile Call & Record

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