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Athletic Medical Emergency

The Challenge

During a summer workout, an athlete collapses to the ground. The coach sends the trainer to get the nearest defibrillator. While the coach has been trained for such situations, assistance by the nursing staff, as well as the safety and security team, would improve the student's chance of survival.

Benefits of Solving

Solving this challenge will benefit the school in the following ways:

  • Significantly enhanced student and staff safety in the event of a cardiac incident
  • Rapid notification to the districts emergency response team when a defibrillator has been activated. Reducing time for emergency services to arrive and assist the situation.
  • Reduction in the district insurance liability rates by being proactive to emergency situations
  • Increased status and image within the school district and state level interscholastic organization


The focus of this solution is the implementation of an appropriate trigger device, that when activated, disseminates an alert to first responders over their medium of choice.

  • Each defibrillator requiring a trigger devices is equipped with a pressure sensor that uniquely identifies which defibrillator has been removed and where on the campus it is located
  • Instantaneously alert first responders through automatically paging to IP phones, texting to cell phones, sending alerts to desktop monitors, etc., when a defibrillator is removed
  • First responders Intercom user in distress to confirm emergency; Intercom allows first responders to communicate with distressed user, without the user having to answer their phone
  • Acknowledgement of emergency notifications provides audit trail for assessing campus readiness
  • First responders can access still images over their IP phone screens if Web based IP cameras are available to capture removal of the defibrillator, assessing the situation before arriving on scene
  • By selecting an icon, a conference call is initiated bringing together first responders, administrators, and local emergency services to coordinate the response

Required Products

  • IPsession

Enabled Features

  • Intercom
  • Mass Notification
  • Intercom
  • Personal Conference

Targeted End Points

  • Cisco IP phones
  • IP Cameras
  • Cell phones
  • Business phones
  • Home phones

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