K12 Internal 911

Improving School Safety With 911 Alerts

The Challenge

The focus of this solution is the ability to integrate to the district's data to automate notifications to parents; a process that otherwise would have been manually intensive. On a daily basis, the IPsession Add-ons Database Integration queries the district's student account balances at a predetermined time, for a minimum and/or maximum balance threshold. When a lunch account balance is found to be out of threshold, the IPfusion server queries the district data base for parent contact information. The IPsession Add-ons Database Integration then drives the IPsession server to perform a Dial Out to the parents' phone number on file and plays a generic message letting them know their child's lunch account is below threshold; the message played specifies the campus and the student's name, as well as instructions to acknowledge receipt of the message. Based on a predetermined time and re-occurrence pattern, the IPsession Add-ons Database Integration queries the results from previous Lunch Account Dial Outs and targets those parents that did not acknowledge receipt of the message.

Benefits of Solving

The ability to quickly identify the location of a 911 call will provide faster assistance for students and faculty, resulting in safer and more secure schools:

  • Automatic notifications can be sent to all identified personnel at both the school and district level, so situations can be better managed and controlled
  • Depending on the location of the 911 call, IP cameras in the area can be automatically activated, first responder conference calls can be automatically initiated, or silent alerts can be sent to all IP phones for campus lock-downs
  • Safer schools will result in happier students and faculty, which will help with positive PR in the community and higher retention of staff and students


School administration receives notification when a 911 call is made, including the exact location of the call, so they can immediately assess the situation and initiate the proper emergency management protocol:

  • IPsession software embedded applications used: e911, Recording, Paging, PC Alert, Dial-Out, Pre-Programmed Conferencing, IP camera, Mass Alert
  • The Internal 911 capability tracks all 911 calls placed, can initiate Recording of the call, and then provides that information to other IPsession applications for notifications. Paging can send audio or text alerts to cell phones or IP phones, including a silent alert to color IP phones that turns the display a pre-designated color
  • In addition, PC Alert can send automatic alerts to designated PCs, An automatic Dial-Out campaign can be initiated to first responders notifying them of the emergency, or a conference call can be initiated with Pre-Programmed Conferencing
  • IPcamera can automatically activate specific cameras to record the event, as well as provide real-time visual access into an otherwise closed-off area
  • When desired, Mass Alert can be configured to automatically initiate a series of actions which can include anything from multiple forms of notifications with an automatic conference call, to IP camera initiation and automatic dial-out to first responders

Required Products

  • IPsession
  • IPsession Add-ons Call Recording

Enabled Features

  • Internall 911
  • Paging
  • Desktop Client
  • Dialout
  • Personal Conferencing
  • Mass Notifications

Targeted End Points

  • Cisco IP phones
  • Desktop PCs
  • Laptop PCs
  • Tablets
  • IP cameras

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