K12 Asset Protection

Alerting When School Refrigeration Units Fail

The Challenge

Frequent power outages in a city have take a toll on the nutritional services department of the school district. Over the last month, power has failed twice at the elementary school over a week-end. Without knowing how long the power was out and if food spoiled, the lunch supervisor has had to discard all the food stored in the refrigerators and freezers. The district is worried not only about the financial loss, but also the risk of inadvertently feeding children spoiled food.

Benefits of Solving

  • Automatically monitoring kitchen conditions will result in faster response time to failing refrigeration units, saving the district money in spoiled food
  • Automated alerts send to key personnel can notify them of refrigeration failure, allowing them to be better prepared the following school day to manage the kitchen and provide food for students
  • The school district will reduce its potential liability in feeding kids spoiled food and causing food poisoning
  • Monitoring the performance of the refrigeration units, and performing maintenance before failure, can increase the lifespan of the units and save the district money


The school district will have an automated system that not only monitors critical conditions in the school kitchens, but will also automatically send alerts as needed for proactive management of power failures.

  • IPsession software embedded applications used: RFID Integration, Paging, Dial-Out, Pre-Programmed Conferencing
  • IPsession's RFID end points work with third party monitoring systems (temperature, moisture, fire, smoke, etc.), and can be pre-programmed to initiate alerts when pre-determined levels are reached
  • During school hours, Paging can send alerts to school IP phones or a desktop monitor
  • If school is not in session, Dial-Out can initiate a call to designated home or cell phones
  • Depending on the pre-determined condition occurring, Pre-Programmed Conferencing can initiate an automatic conference call, bringing in nutritional services, administration and a technician to discuss the situation and plan a course of action

Required Products

  • IPsession

Enabled Features

  • RFID end points (temperature monitoring units)
  • Paging
  • Dialout
  • Personal conference

Targeted End Points

  • Cisco IP phones
  • Overhead IP speakers
  • Digital displays
  • Home phones
  • Cell phones
  • Business phones

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