Experience a ONE solution that unifies all your communications (UC) and collaboration needs: IPsession V8

IPcelerate IPsession™, a comprehensive software solution for the Cisco Unified Communications environment – both at the desk and on-the-go – addressing key business initiatives from simple paging and dial-out campaigns to mass messaging; simple 911 alerts to full-fledged emergency response; user-controlled push conferencing to call recording; RFID integration to surveillance and/or GPS tracking. With over 50 embedded features, as well as many optional add-on modules, IPsession offers a family of applications designed to meet the needs of every size business in every type of industry, from robust outbound calling solution, easily integrated into business databases for automated dial-out programs to one-touch launch of emergency management protocol. 


IPsession eliminates the need for purchasing multiple software solutions and effective integrate multiple telephony solutions into one integrated environment.

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Social networking meets Enterprise 

Streamz™ is a social networking solution for virtually any business. Streamz™ allows end users to create "postings" (called streams) that include Videos, Images, Voice Notes, Documents and, of course, Texts. It is a powerful social collaboration tool for business users that creates a far more visual and compelling experience that can be tied to/integrated with key events and business processes in an organization. We call this event-driven collaboration. A doctor can create a video, attach a few images and post the stream to colleagues about a patient. A teacher can create a video, attach a document and post the stream to parents and/or students. A CEO can capture a recorded shareholder call, create a video to summarize the call, and post the stream to shareholders who missed the call. Created streams are posted to a secure, social portal, accessible by you via subscription. These streams can be shared internal to a company, or externally – and securely – with customers, suppliers and partners.  


Record phone conversations over IP: IPstudio Master | Agent  

IPcelerate's IPstudio™ Master allows companies to record and manage voice conversations within an organization's IP network and channels. Based upon IPcelerate's proprietary distributed architecture, IPstudio provides a highly scalable and adaptable recording environment for IP Communications. IPstudio's distributed architecture provides scalability, manageability and ease of deployment. Consistent with our vision for VoIP-based software, recording capabilities can now be easily and automatically inserted into those critical business processes and activities.The IPstudio Master Administrator's Guide provides you with the procedures and references to successfully install, configure and run the IPstudio Master and IPstudio Agent.   


Develop your own IP telephony applications with IPcelerate's IPfusion

IPfusion™ enables developers to design and deploy complex IP Telephony applications using IPfusion's intuitively graphical user interface (IDE) running on Cisco IP phones. IPfusion uses a drag-and-drop approach to simplify the development cycle and deploy telephony applications without the need to write complex lines of code.  


Manage and control LIVE calls over your IP network 

IPcelerate's IPmonitor™ allows companies to monitor and manage live conversations (voice) within an organization's IP network. Based upon IPcelerate's proprietary distributed architecture, IPmonitor provides scalability, manageability and ease of deployment to constantly monitor all voice traffic generated over the client's network.     

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