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IPsession is our flagship product. It is a holistic software experience for Cisco unified communications users. IPsession takes the numerous applications that most Cisco customers desire, and packages them together as a single experience. By doing so, Cisco customers deploy a powerful event management system, capable of detecting/identifying events, notifying the right personnel (on the right device) of the events, and managing the organization's response to the events. With IPsession, applications like Paging and Dial-Out become more than single point products. They become alerting, notification, and response tools to specific events. Cal Scheduler becomes a cost-effective alternative to multiple school bell systems in schools. Internal 911 becomes a situational tool to detect and respond to 911 calls – or any other pre-designated calling pattern – quickly and efficiently. And these are just a few of the 30-plus applications and optional software modules integrated into IPsession.

By combining powerful features into applications that work together, customers can create a powerful solution to those events most important to their organizations. Admissions, Discharge and Rounding are all enhanced in Hospitals. Campus Security, Parent Engagement and Extended Classroom Learning are all enhanced in Schools. Insurance companies realize cost reductions, productivity gains and more effective claims processing. Financial institutions reach more customers, more effectively.

Database Integration

Save time with our integration capability.  Avoid/reduce time intensive manual database entry between your systems using our Database Integration solution!  Share information quickly and/or modify existing IPcelerate solutions to meet your unique company requirements. 

Emergency Response  Video

Internal 911 Alert and Notification

Alert and Notify when 911 (or any other sequence of numbers) is dialed from any IP phone within your company, immediately! Inform one or many people - all at the same time, through their IP phones and Mobile Devices! Color phones can receive color-coded alerts to accelerate awareness and response. We include where the call was initiated, so you can react quickly. Detailed reporting is included so you can improve your response in the event you need to respond to an emergency again.

Quick Alert and Notification

Quick Alert expands your Alerting and Notification choices to include Mobile and Premise-Based solutions, and extends this into the field. The GPS location of the user is captured and shared (via color maps) with Cisco phones or browsers. Download the app to your iPhone and you are ready to let others know when and where you need their help just by choosing an icon, and just in case you accidently activated Quick Alert, there is a built in delay to ensure you are only sending alerts that are real.

Dialer (Dialout) Alert and Notification

Alert, Notify, and Inform - on-demand or based on a schedule - to any phone number, anytime, anywhere, from any phone or browser interface. Activate your events on-demand or based on schedules you define. Control the number of times your system calls back for no-answer events - add unique introductory, body, and closing comments to any event. This capability can be launched from a desktop IP Phone, a mobile device, or browser.

RFID Monitoring, Control, and Alerting

Tag and track assets within your facilities. Alert and Notify anytime assets (people, equipment, etc) leave areas you define as secure. Lock and open doors remotely, activate video cameras as needed and integrate your response into your Overhead Speakers, Digital Signage, IP phones, and Mobile Devices. Monitor and alert for fire, smoke, water, moisture, and more - connecting everything together with wireless - no need to deploy expense wiring.

Nurse Call Alert Integration

Integrate your healthcare's existing systems into our Nurse Call capability. Deploy Nurse Call as a portable wireless device for patients (pendants, necklaces), add Nurse Call devices next to patients beds, in the restrooms or anywhere you need to increase your patients access to Nurse Call devices.

School Bells Alert and Notification

You can use our Cal Scheduler for schools, manufacturing floors, or other areas where timed-workflow alarms are required. Manage and control your School Bells from anywhere, using your iPads, Cell Phones, or from a Web Browser. Control School Bells centrally, remotely or delegate individual control to others within your faculty, including clerical staff! With IPcelerate's simplified control interface, modify existing schedules, activate on-demand schedules, or initiate Alert and Notification events using our simplified interface choices. View your existing active schedules, view and adjust your alternate schedules, and even view/adjust your School Bell priorities graphically - assign colors for different events to define priority or assign unique colors to specific individuals that control localized control.

Paging Alert and Notification

Announce emergency and routine events from anywhere; from any internal or external phones, mobile phones, or web browsers. Generate unique prerecorded audio messages, directing where people go or what they need to do during emergency events. Send unique Paging Alert and Notification messages through Overhead Speakers, IP Phones, and Digital Signage immediately! No need to wait for your other Alert and Notification solutions to reach everyone by sending messages to phones and emails alone! With our Paging solution, you can extend your Alerting and Notification options to send prerecorded audio messages, Text-to-Speech (TTS), and Text Messages - all at the same time, instantly! Create, manage, and activate your Paging events from a single interface for routine and emergency events. When you need to communicate quickly and be sure the message gets out quickly, our Paging Alert and Notification capability gets the job done!

Location Enforcer 

Location Enforcer is an enhancement to the i.Alert capability. This capability prompts users of Cisco IP Phones to enter their address information when the Cisco IP Phone is reset or rebooted. When a user moves a Cisco IP Phone and Location Enforcer is enabled, the user will be requested to verify, edit and submit their new location information via the Cisco IP Phone. When emergency calls are place this updated location information is shown in i.Alert. 

Forced Account Codes 

Forced Account Codes (FAC) forces users to enter account codes prior to calls being made. FAC restricts calls being made by the user based on their privileges (PIN number). This will allow organizations to track calls by account codes. i.Forced option choices include Active, Passive and Smart FAC. To manage FAC, i.Forced Account codes management requires admin access rights, Admin users can change the Application mode at anytime but only one mode may be active at a time.

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