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What We Do For Call Recording

IPcelerate's IPsession Call Recording (IPstudio) is the complete solution for recording and storing important phone calls within a Mobile and Premise Unified Communications environment. Use our call recording feature to record a few calls or hundreds of calls. Record calls automatically based on the time of day, a designated group of phones, by extension, or even when a specific phone number is dialed. Touch an icon on an IP phone, and record calls— back to the beginning of the call—as needed. Important client calls. Medical reviews. Legal discussions. Threatening calls. Conference calls. Capture each call in its entirety, no matter when during the call the record function is initiated.

With IPstudio, call recording can be done from an IP phone or an iPhone, all supported by seamless data storage and retrieval. From small businesses or individual departments to large enterprise corporations, companies of all sizes have identified call recording as an important business need.



Bookmarks allow authenticated users to add text notes to a selected time of a recorded voice session file via the IPstudio master server web interface. The authenticated user can create recording segments of the same voice session with multiple text notes. The timer clock is available to show updated time, as well as the call-progress.

Call Marker

During a call, users can access an Call Recording (IPstudio) XML service on the Cisco IP Phone to mark or tag the call with dynamic or a pre-canned text message.

Expanded Call Filters

Dynamically filter recorded calls based on area codes, schedules, or other characteristics to simplify management and reduce storage requirements.

Forced Recording

A user may force a recording before or during a phone call. The user must authenticate first, and then initiate the recording of the call. This can occur whether or not recording is enabled for that Cisco IP Phone. This is done on a call-by-call basis.

IP Phone Accessibility

Recorded voice session files will be available for playback using the Call Recording (IPstudio) XML services on the Cisco IP Phone based on authorization level and search criteria.

Line Filter

Line Filter allows administrators to enter a line (directory) number so that any calls to or from the entered line (directory) number will NOT be recorded.

On Demand Recording

On Demand Recording enables the user to turn on the recording capability for their Cisco IP Phone. In order to stop calls from being recorded, the user must disable the recording capability from their Cisco IP Phone.

Scheduled Recording Groups

Set up a recording group to record all calls within the scheduled time frame.

Selective Recordings

Administrators are able to configure groups of Cisco IP Phones for always on recording. For example, city-based sales teams, departments, project teams and more.

Situation Replay

Administrators are able to configure groups of Cisco IP Phones for always on recording. For example, city-based sales teams, departments, project teams and more.

Total Recall

Total Recall is triggered using the Call Recording (IPstudio) XML services on the Cisco IP Phone during the call. The entire call can be recorded, regardless of when Total Recall is initiated.

Web Player Download

The web interface allows for playback, as well as the downloading of recorded calls.



What We Do For Call Monitoring

IPsession Call Monitoring (IPmonitor) provides call Monitoring and Barge-in capabilities for any organization using Cisco Unified Communications. Use our Call Monitoring capability to monitor sensitive conversations, coach employees during important calls, and give training advice. When you need to join the discussion, use Barge-in anytime. Assign Monitor and Barge-in to unique individuals or those within a group of phones.

When you are looking to expand your organization's ability to coach and mentor your team while on the phone, our Call Monitoring solution is easy to activate and install for any phone within your Cisco Unified Communications network. Call Monitoring provides users the ability to monitor and barge into calls from a web interface or their Cisco IP Phone. Supervisors are allowed to monitor and barge into calls for the monitor groups to which they are assigned.

Integration & Architecture

Installed on its own server or as part of a VM solution, IPmonitor gives you the ability to Monitor and Barge-in to calls for a single location or many locations. Add new phones to a monitoring group quickly and easily through a simplified user interface from a Browser or Cisco IP phone.

Group Access & Management

With Call Monitoring, you can build Monitoring Groups. Monitoring groups consist of IP phones to make it easier to access and manage monitoring sessions. Group Supervisors can be assigned to one or multiple groups and can easily monitor active calls no matter which group the call is active in. Later, supervisors using the web interface can generate report logs to view monitoring sessions and track activity. Some supervisors can even manage groups, so they are able to add or delete phones from a monitoring group.

Coach & Barge

Provide instant coaching while you are monitoring the call. Because Call Monitoring (IPmonitor) is used with IPsession, you will have the ability to whisper- intercom to the user that is on the call that you are monitoring to provide helpful coaching tips. Don't want to whisper-intercom? Use IPsession to send a text message to the user's IP phone LCD. Does the call warrant your intervention? From the web interface or the Cisco IP Phone, select 'barge' and instantly be connected to the call that you are monitoring.

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