IPfusion's drag-and-drop approach simplifies the design and development of telephony applications without the need to write complex lines of code. Using IPfusion's graphical user interface (IDE), you can visually create phone applications faster than the typical development cycle approach.

 IPfusion Rapid Application Development

Key Features

IPfusion offers the following key features for creating and deploying telephony applications:

Application Development

IPfusion provides the developer with an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), a graphical intuitive user interface for developing IP phone applications. Design objects are dragged-and-dropped to the IPfusion Design Area where their properties and settings are configured and linked with each other. This process allows developers to further focus on the application development cycle. Additionally, IPfusion offers Java code integration for advanced application development through custom code integration.

Quick Dynamic Deployment

IPfusion offers the ability to save, retrieve and modify application projects and objects, along with their logical designs for quick compiling and deployment. The IPfusion Build option generates code and deploys it to the IPfusion Runtime Environment (RTE machine). Once deployed, applications are ready to use with Cisco IP phones. All IP telephony applications designed in IPfusion are fully reusable and expandable.

Third-Party Database Connectivity

IPfusion facilitates database integration with IP phone applications through the ODBC/JDBC standard. Third party database connectivity includes -but not limited to- Oracle, MsSQL Server, MySql, Pervasive SQL, Postgresql and Sybase. It also features an intuitive UI for submitting queries and accessing stored procedures.

Custom Java Integration

Through the Advanced window, IPfusion offers custom java integration and code execution. Options like package import and package creation are also available to developers.

Getting Started

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