Call Monitoring FAQ's

Call Monitoring FAQ's

Is IPsession Add-ons Call Monitoring software (IPmonitor) included with the IPsession Call Recording Add-ons (IPstudio) software?

  • Yes, the Call Monitoring capability is included with the Call Recording software

 How many calls can be monitored simultaneously with an installed IPstudio product?

  • IPcelerate provides IPsession Call Monitoring capability for up to 5 calls at one time with the purchase of our IPsession Call Recording (IPstudio) software.  You can also expand the number of calls you monitor by purchasing additional licenses

Can we purchase IPsession Add-ons Call Monitoring (IPmonitor) without IPstudio?

  • Yes, you can purchase only the IPsession Add-ons Call Monitoring (IPmonitor) software independently

Does IPmonitor work when we are using a mobile device with IPsession Mobile?

  • No, IPmonitor is only available for Cisco IP phones

Can we define how many users gets access to monitor calls?

  • Yes, the IPmonitor product provides the flexibility define a single user and/or multiple users that can monitor calls

Can we define access levels to monitor calls so that a supervisor has access to monitor this group of phones and their manager can monitor additional calls within another group?

  • Yes, the IPmonitor product gives you the capability to define who and when people have access to monitor calls

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