Call Recording FAQ's

Call Recording FAQ's

Can we purchase Call Recording capability for Cisco IP phones and Mobile Devices using IPsession Mobile software?

  • Yes, once you purchase the IPsession Add-ons Call Recording capability you can also add Call Recording to your IPsession Mobile device by purchasing a license for the mobile device

Is the IPsession Add-ons Call Recording capability scalable?

  • Yes, our solution is scalable. We even include the capability to device where  and when you record

Our network is national, we have offices in several locations.  Can we place recording equipment in each major location and bring the recorded calls into a central location?

  • Yes, you can place as many recording devices as you need.  You can even place them within different locations (buildings, floors, cities) to ensure your network is using the best solution for security and backup

Can we purchase IPsession Add-ons Call Recording without the IPsession product? 

  • Yes, you have the option to purchase the IPsession Add-ons Call Recording (IPstudio) software as a stand-alone product

Can we record a call anytime during a conversation?

  • Yes, depending on how you have configured the product, selecting record anytime during the call instructs IPstudio to record the call from the beginning of the call

Can we record specific phone numbers only?

  • Yes, depending on your configuration, you can instruct IPstudio to only record when specific numbers are dialed and/or it can record when specific numbers are dialed and record based on other configurations you define

Can IPsession Add-ons Call Recording (IPstudio) record based on a specific time of day?

  • Yes, that is part of your recording options and is extremely easy to configure

Can we define a group of phone lines/trunks to record?

  • Yes, you can define a specific group of phone trunks to record

Can we define unique phones to record within our offices?

  • Yes, you can define specific phones to record

Does IPsession Add-ons Call Recording store recorded calls in one location?

  • Initially IPstudio stores the calls locally (at the server installed at your locations).  The calls, based on your configuration choices, sends the recorded calls to a central location that can include a SAN or NAS.  Storing the calls initially locally ensures you can continue to record even if you have a network outage between your offices (depending on your local recording server placement)

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