Audio Streaming

Audio Streaming FAQ's

Does the stream audio use multicast?

  • Yes, the Streaming Audio capability using multicast to get the audio to your phone.

Is there a limit for the duration of the Streaming audio?

  • No, you are only limited by what your Cisco CUCM supports.

Does the Streaming Audio go to a page?

  • No, our Streaming Audio does not have the capability to go to a page. You can send audio with a page event (tones, music, speech).

Can we store music within our IPsession software?

  • Yes, you can store and play the music from our IPsession software.

Can we also stream audio from a radio station?

  • Yes, you can stream audio from a radio station to our Streaming Audio capability.

Can we stream other types of audio?

  • Yes, as long as you meet the minimum requirements for the IPsession software for the audio formats.

Can we record the streaming audio?

  • Our Streaming Audio is not actually a phone call so, you don't have the capability to record this content.

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