Call Block | DND | Call Forward Licensing

 Does this block inbound called numbers?

  • No, this only blocks outbound calls that attempt to dial a number or number sequence defined as blocked.

 Can we call a blocked phone number?

  • Yes, as long as you know the code you can call the number.

Are all the phones blocked or just those that are licensed by IPcelerate?

  • Only the phones that are licensed with our software are blocked.

 Is it easy for me to change the blocked numbers?

  • Yes, just log into our IPsession software and change/update the blocked numbers.

How does the DND | Call Forward capability work?

  • The DND and Call Forward features work independently from the Cisco CUCM feature - users may use both, if desired
    • Users have the option to select a DND or Call Forward event on-demand or scheduled
    • Scheduled DND and Call Forward events support one-time and/or reoccurring schedules - daily, weekly, monthly
    • Call Forward choices include defining events for a unique phone number - internal or external
    • Call Forward and DND events include the option to notify the user when an event occurs using their defined email address

 Can we schedule Call Forward events on our own?

  • Yes, you can schedule when you stop and start Call Forward events.

Can I define how your software Call Forwards my calls?

  • Yes, you can define the following:
    • Numbers to forward the calls to
    • Voicemail

Can we search and schedule a DND | Call Forward event?

  • Yes, you can search and display your schedules for DND & Call Forward events.


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