Conference FAQ's

Does your software provide the bridge?

  • No, the bridge for the Personal Conference is provided by the customers own Cisco CUCM.

So what is the value with your Personal Conference?

  • Our software vastly simplifies the conference bridge setup and connection choices. Your options include scheduled and on-demand personal conferencing.

 Can we schedule Personal Conferences as a repeating event?

  • Yes, you can create one-time and/or recurring Personal Conference events based on a schedule and duration you define.

So we can define the duration of a Personal Conference event?

  • Yes, you can define the time duration for your Personal Conference events.

What happens if a call disconnects during a conference?

  • If a person loses their connection during a Personal Conference event, our software will call the person back.

What happens if we call a number that goes to voicemail?

  • We include the ability to require a called person to enter a digit number to access the Personal Conference event. Our software adds an announcement informing the called person of the digit number so they can gain access.

So what do I hear when I receive a Personal Conference call?

  • You will hear an audio announcement when you receive the inbound Personal Conference event. If desired, the message will also include audio requesting you input a digit to connect the call.

As a facilitator, do I get more information about the event?

  • Yes, if you call from a Cisco IP phone and/or a Cisco IP Communicator (soft-phone), you will see who is connected and additional call information about which numbers are not connected.

How does the Personal Conference option work with the Mass Messaging capability?

  • Once you have activated the Personal Conference capability, you can include the Personal Conference capability in any Mass Messaging event. If you haven't activated the Personal Conference capability it will not be available for any of your Mass Messaging events.

What is the maximum number of people on a Personal Conference event at one time?

  • You may have a total of 14 people on a Personal Conference event at one time.

Do we also have the ability to require a PIN number to access the Personal Conference?

  • Yes, you may require a PIN number before anyone can join the Personal Conference event. Only people with the correct PIN can join the call.

Can we build more than one Personal Conference event?

  • Yes, you can create as many Personal Conference events as you want. Each event can use the same phone numbers and/or other phone numbers.

Do we have the ability to define calling number groups?

  • Yes, with our software you define phone numbers that you can call. Once created, create your Personal Conference event and define the Personal Conference group you will use. This makes it fast an simple to create new events and/or modify future events.

 Can I select a Personal Conference event from a menu?

  • Yes, you can select from a menu when using internal Cisco IP phones, from a Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, and/or an Apple iPad.

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