Dialer FAQ's

How do we define the phone numbers called?

  • You can define the phone numbers called through the Web User Interface (WUI) and/or upload the numbers using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

 Can we tell the Dialout capability to call numbers more than once?

  • Yes, you have the ability to define how many times Dialout calls phone numbers before stopping further attempts to call them back.

 Can we define how we call back phone numbers that are not answered?

  • Yes, you control how the phone numbers are called back when they are not answered. Your choices are to call the phone number back immediately or call the number back after you have called all the phone numbers at least once.

 Can we define when the phone numbers are called?

  • Yes, this is an integral part of the Dialout capability. You can define the date and times for each Dialout event.

 Can we also define the time to stop calling?

  • Yes, our solution gives you the ability to define when your customer stop sending a Dialout event.

 Can we control what the message says?

  • Yes, you define the initial message (header), the main message (body), and closing message (footer).

 Can we control the time for each of the three messages?

  • Yes, you control the duration for each segment of the message. You even control if you include all three messages (header, body, footer) or just send the body and the footer or header.

 Is it possible that we may not call all the phone numbers listed within the Dialout?

  • Yes, it is possible that not all the phone numbers are called for an event if you don't have enough phone lines or you don't include enough time to call all the phone numbers. The more phone lines you have, the less time required to contact all the phone numbers. The less phone numbers to call, the less time required to call all the phone numbers. Your message length (for the header, body, and footer) also impacts the time required to contact all the phone numbers. The number of times you have to call back for a no answer event also impacts the time required to contact all the phone numbers.

  Can we stop a Dialout event manually?

  • Yes, you can stop and start a Dialout event at any time.

  Is a Dialout event easy to initiate?

  • Yes, you can activate a Dialout from the web, a Cisco phone, and/or any phone with security access. You can even initiate an event from an Apple tablet.

 So do we have to add the phone numbers each time we create a new Dialout event?

  • No, once you add the phone numbers and define their group name the system saves the numbers. All you have to do is select their group name and they are ready to use. You can even add multiple groups to a Dialout event.

 Can we modify Dialout numbers within a group once they are added?

  • Yes, you can modify the phone numbers in a group and even modify the groups within a Dialout event.

 What type of reporting options do I have?

  • You have a number of search and display choices when working with our Dialout reporting capability. You can even download the results to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet so you can share with others. We also give you the detail to view the numbers called, the numbers answered, and the number of times a number was called until answered.

 Is the reporting information backed up?

  • Yes, the IPsession software is backed up as part of the system configuration. You are also encouraged to make a copy off-site to ensure you always have a second copy somewhere.

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