Intercom FAQ's

Can you reply with text during an Intercom event?

  • Yes, our software provides the capability to respond to an inbound text event using text from the Cisco IP phone.

 Can we respond with our own text?

  • Yes, you can reply with your own text and/or reply using text messages you created yourself.

Can I select from text replies that others have created as well?

  • Yes, you can also respond from text replies created by others.

Can we stay on a call during an inbound Intercom event?

  • Yes, you have the option to respond to an inbound intercom event using audio and/or text.

Can we ignore an inbound Intercom event?

  • Yes, with our software you control how your system manages an inbound Intercom event.

So what are our choices for inbound Intercom events?

  • You can ignore the call, place your existing call on hold, and/or accept the inbound audio even while you remain on your existing call.

 Can my active call hear me respond during an inbound call?

  • Yes, if you speak to me (as an intercom caller), the person you are on the phone will also hear you speak. If you respond to me using the text option, they will not see that text message.

Existing calls placed on hold during Intercom events hear what?

  • Depending on how you have your Cisco CUCM configured, they will hear the same audio as others hear while placed on hold.

Can we send more than one Text reply with Intercom?

  • Yes, you can reply with as many text messages as you would like.

Does the Intercom Capability use XML resources?

  • No, our Intercom capability works separately.

What are my choices when incoming someone?

  • You can intercom someone by their phone extension and/or their Mac address.

Why would I want to contact a Mac address?

  • If they are using a shared extension, you can contact a specific phone without impacting the other phones sharing the extension.

Is Whisper and text reply the same thing?

  • Whisper and text reply are the same thing.

Do you have a Push-to-Talk option?

  • Yes, we do offer a Push-to-Talk capability. With our Push-to-Talk option, you select a specific phone extension to call. Once selected, you may initiate a Push-to-Talk event as needed to communicate with the device.

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