Internal 911 Call

Internal 911 Call FAQ's

Does the Internal 911 Notification capability also include the ability to monitor & report when other phone numbers are dialed?

  • Yes, our Internal 911 Notification capability can monitor and alert for any number and/number sequence defined by the customer.

Do we also have the ability to monitor when an outside phone dials 911 or other number sequences we define?

  • No, our software monitors and alerts when any phone recognized by the Cisco CUCM and our software. If a phone is not recognized by the Cisco CUCM we can't monitor and alert for these devices.

Can you explain how the IP camera capability works with the Internal 911 Notification capability?

  • If you have installed an IP camera, and it is registered with our software, associate it with a phone or group of phones, it will take an image of the phone when someone dials a number (911, etc). This can then be forwarded to anyone receiving the Internal 911 notification.

But how does your software know what phones are related to what IP cameras?

  • When you add a phone device to our Internal 911 Notification capability you also have the option to tell our software that you want to take an image from an IP camera. You define what phone devices are monitored by what IP camera.

So why would we use the IP camera capability?

  • This gives you the choice to collect an image anytime 911 (or any other number or number sequence is dialed). This is an excellent way to inform others on specifically what is going on near the phone.

Ok, so the Internal 911 Notification also monitors other numbers?

  • Yes, our Internal 911 Notification capability monitors & alerts for any number and/or number sequence is dialed. We even include the capability to define a wild-card for numbers dialed. Example - you tell our product to monitor and alert anytime someone dials 91X. The x represents any number. You may do this to anticipate when people can not complete or dial a number in panic.

How does the desktop client work?

  • Just install our Internal 911 Notification on any computer (laptop, tablet, desktop). Once installed, it will then report to your computer each time a monitored number is dialed.

Can different users receive different Internal 911 Notifications?

  • Yes, you do have the capability to send alerts to different people - depending on your configuration settings.

Can anyone change the monitored numbers?

  • Only users with the permission rights granted by your IPsession administrator have the capability to define, delete, and/or edit Internal 911 phone numbers and/or number sequences.

What kind of information is collected during an Internal 911 Notification event?

  • Our software collects information based on the template defined by your IPcelerate software administrator.

Can you explain the role of templates for Internal 911 Notification?

  • We include the capability to define what information is collected and forwarded during an Internal 911 Notification event. Your template choices include:
    • Street
    • Suite/floor
    • City
    • State
    • ZIP Code
    • Country

Does the IP camera device collect and display full motion video during an event?

  • No, the IP camera collects and forwards images at the moment the last digit is dialed. The image collected is a still image.

Can we see who is assigned to receive notifications?

  • Yes, with the correct access rights, you can see information detailing who is getting notified during Internal 911 events.

 Can get notification via email ?

  • Yes, you can receive notification of Internal 911 events via email.

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