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Buddy Status FAQ's

Does the Buddy Status display line status?

  • Yes, our Buddy Status capability displays the line status of the phones and also includes the capability for you to define a text message on the person's phone that is calling you (for internal calls only).

So whey is this so helpful?

  • With Buddy Status, you can change your status message to say you are on vacation, out to lunch, etc. Buddy Status is a way to leave a status message that says you are in a conference call or in a critical meeting. Essentially it is faster and more flexable than voicemail because you are leaving a specific message that people see when they call your extension.

Can I manually define my own Buddy Status Text?

  • Yes, you can define your own Buddy Status text message. You can even create a your own list of Buddy Status text messages that you can select and use when you want to.

Can someone outside of our Cisco CUCM see the Buddy Status messages?

  • No, Buddy Status messages may only be seen by the other people that share your Cisco CUCM.

Is it easy for me to add a Buddy?

  • Yes, just search for a contact and add them to your Buddy Status list.

Can you clarify when I would use a Buddy Status list?

  • Buddy Status gives you the capability to define unique internal contacts that you care about as part of a list that displays their line status and also displays status messages you may view at any time. You will also see their Buddy Status message when you call into their extension and they don't answer their phone.

 Can you clarify how we can use the door control capability?

  • The Door Controller capability is another option within the Buddy Status area. All you need to do to work with this capability is to, purchase a remote Door Controller hardware from IPcelerate's third party vendor (we can install it for you or your vendor can). Install the controller in place of the existing doorknob and (the Door Controller hardware is incorporated within the doorknob). Activate a device license for the Door Controller and you are ready to begin using it. If you want to also add an IP camera option, purchase an IP camera license and you can tell our software to synchronize a door entry request from a phone and caller box located at the door with an IP camera image capture event. Our software will then capture an image each time someone pick ups the phone by the door or pushes the caller box. The image is forwarded via your existing Cisco CUCM to any Cisco IP phone that you want to control door access. You can even add this to any existing Cisco IP phone.

Is there a limit to the number of doors we can control remotely?

  • No, just add the number of Door Controller you want to control. Be sure to identify which phones control what door controller.

Can I run the Door Controller without Buddy Status Activated?

  • No, you will need Buddy Status active to control the Door Controllers.

Can I also view and manage Buddy Status on a browser?

  • Yes, you can view, delete, add, and modify your Buddy users using the web browser interface.

Does your Line/Buddy Status work in addition to Cisco Options?

  • Our Buddy Status works in addition to features available from your Cisco CUCM.

 Can I view the status of people that are not my Buddy?

  • Yes, you can view the status of anyone recognized by our software and the Cisco CUCM.

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