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What is the relationship between the individual Mass Messaging capabilities and Mass Messaging?

  • If you are using paging within Mass Messaging, you must ensure that you have the paging capability enabled. If a capability is not enabled you can not include that within your Mass Messaging notification options.

So is it easy to enable a capability that is not enabled?

  • Yes, enabling and disabling is very easy. Just go to the global configuration area and activate the disabled feature. With our products, once a capability is enabled you can use it within all of our products.

Can I activate a Mass Messaging event from more then one device?

  • Yes, you can activate a Mass Message event from a Cisco IP phone and/or any device that has a Microsoft Internet Explorer browser capability. If you have purchased our IPsession Mobile option, you can send a Mass Messaging event from an Apple iPad through the Apple IPcelerate dashboard option. our products you can send audio, visual, and text pages to any IP-enabled device. Depending on the endpoint, you can send text to:
    • IP phones
    • Digital signage (our digital signage devices support audio and text paging separately and/or at the same time)

 Can we schedule a Mass Messaging event?

  • No, our Mass Messaging event by design is an on-demand capability. Our customers haven't requested a scheduled Mass Messaging option. If you you see a need for this let us know and we can take a look at adding this.

Can we activate a Mass Message event as many times as we want?

  • Yes, each time you send a Mass Messaging event, our system will send a new Mass Message event. If you send the same Mass Message event again and the first event is still notifying people it will ask you if you want to stop the current event and send a new event or continue with the current event.

Does this mean we can only send one Mass Message event at a time?

  • No, you can send more than one Mass Messaging event at a time. Example of this would be - you can send a Mass Message event for the executive team and then send a Mass Message event to the operations team. IPsession will process both requests and internally manage how to notify your intended audiences.

Does Mass Messaging cost an additional fee?

  • No, Mass Messaging is included as a standard capability with our IPsession product.

What happens when we tell Mass Messaging to send a Dialout and email message during the same event?

  • Mass Messaging includes the capability to choose more than one way send a message to the same contact. You can send a page to a contact and at the same time send them an email (or other contact). It is important to note that the notifications may arrive at different times. Because we don't control the customer networks, our communications may arrive at the same time or at slightly different times. An example of this is - you send a Mass Messaging event to a contact using the page option. The page is received and a few seconds later they get an email. If you have included them on a conference bridge, this could happen at the same time or within a few seconds of the other events.

How about Mass Messaging and the Dialout capability. How is this impacted by the number of phone lines I have?

  • Dialout uses the number of phone lines defined by the customer as available for Dialout. User options include selecting all their phone lines or some portion of their phone lines. An example of this is - you have 50 phone lines for your company and you allocate 30 for DialOut. This means our system will not use any more than 30 business lines at one time. This does not limit you from using those lines for other purposes. In effect our product shares your business lines with all your other company communication needs. If you have a requirement to notify 1000 phone numbers of an event and you only have 10 business lines to use for DialOut, it will take more time to notify everyone than if you had 30 business lines.

Can we get reporting detail for Mass Messaging events?

  • Yes, you can search, view, and download reporting for each of the Mass Messaging events by date, time, and user(s).

Can we delete and change a Mass Messaging event?

  • Yes, you can edit any of the Mass Message events with the proper user access rights.

Is there a PIN security protection for Mass Messaging?

  • Yes, you can configure the Mass Messaging capability to require or not require a PIN to access the capability.

Does the Mass Messaging Paging option interrupt a user that is on their phone?

  • Yes, you have full control to decide how your user community receives a page while they are on their phone.

Is there a limit to the number of Mass Messaging Events I can create?

  • No, create as many Mass Messaging events as you need. Just be sure to label each event clearly. An example of this is - you don't want to title a Mass Message event as alert 1, alert 2 unless your users know what they are for. It is a good idea to use labels that say what they are for (executive team, loading dock, etc).

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