Mass Notification

What is the relationship between the individual Mass Messaging capabilities and Mass Messaging?

So is it easy to enable a capability that is not enabled?

Can I activate a Mass Messaging event from more then one device?

 Can we schedule a Mass Messaging event?

Can we activate a Mass Message event as many times as we want?

Does this mean we can only send one Mass Message event at a time?

Does Mass Messaging cost an additional fee?

What happens when we tell Mass Messaging to send a Dialout and email message during the same event?

How about Mass Messaging and the Dialout capability. How is this impacted by the number of phone lines I have?

Can we get reporting detail for Mass Messaging events?

Can we delete and change a Mass Messaging event?

Is there a PIN security protection for Mass Messaging?

Does the Mass Messaging Paging option interrupt a user that is on their phone?

Is there a limit to the number of Mass Messaging Events I can create?