Can we convert our existing analog paging capabilities to IP paging?

  •  Yes, you have the ability to adapt your existing analog speakers to our paging solutions by adding your analog speakers to a paging zone and/or placing an adapter in front of each analog speaker.

So can your system manage both analog and IP speakers?

  • Yes, IPcelerate's technology supports paging for analog and IP speakers.

How does your system support text paging?

  • With our products you can send audio, visual, and text pages to any IP-enabled device. Depending on the endpoint, you can send text to:
    • IP phones
    • Digital signage (our digital signage devices support audio and text paging separately and/or at the same time)

I have heard that your paging solutions include silent alerting, how does that work?

  • Our silent alerting includes the capability to send a text and/or change the color of the background of the displays receiving the page. Color coding is an excellent way to issue lock down, all clear, and other warning events on-demand.

Can your system issue on-demand and paging based on schedules I define?

  • Yes, our paging solutions include full control to launch an on-demand paging event from the web, cell phones, smart devices, and any phone you access. Our paging also supports scheduled paging from devices that work with web browsers.

 Does your paging solution support visual scheduling using some type of GUI?

  • Yes, using the Bell Scheduler option you can view and manage paging through a GUI. The GUI includes a full range of school bell management options (should you need them).ell

Great you have a school bells capability. Does this cost me more money?

  • No, the school bells capability is offered for anyone using our paging capability. Our school bells solution includes control of bell schedules for a single school or many schools. It also allows you to define who controls what school bells. Your users can override existing school bell schedules with one-touch, implement alternate school bell schedules, and create multiple school bell schedules that your team can implement at will. We even include the ability to remotely view, manage, and control your school bells.

So you are saying that we can use our existing speakers and extend paging to our Cisco IP phones?

  • Yes, our paging extends paging to overhead and wall-mounted analog/IP speakers. We also extend our paging to digital signage which includes your IP phones.

Can your paging include Text-to-Speech (TTS)?

  • Yes, our paging support TTS. Just type in the text and the system sends the page out as audio to the devices within your paging zone. Our system is even smart enough to send text and TTS to devices at the same time and/or send text to devices that support text and audio to devices that support audio.

Can we include paging within the Mass Alert capability?

  • Yes, you have the capability to send a Mass Alert with and without paging.

Can I control the volume for the pages?

  • Yes, you options include defining the audio paging volume level for all devices and/or allowing the users receiving pages through their phone to control their volume.

Can I monitor an active call and push the audio to a paging zone I define?

  • Yes, with the purchase of our call monitoring Add-on module, you can monitor an existing call and send the audio to a paging zone you define. Paging zones can be a single IP phone, a group of IP phones, and/or overhead speakers. All of this is accomplished without the active caller even being aware that the call is being monitored.

Is your paging solution expandable?

  • Yes, you can expand your paging solution to a specific location and/or multiple locations.

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