School Bells

Can we define more than one school bell schedule?

  • Yes, you can control more than one school.  With our School Bells capability, you can control school bell schedules for one school, multiple schools or even multiple districts.  You even have the capability to control bell schedules remotely and locally.

Can we assign others to manage specific locations?

  • Yes, you can define others to manage a specific school or group of schools.

Can we define alternate school bell schedules?

  • Yes, there is a great deal of flexibility to create and assign priorities for school bell schedules. You can even create multiple alternate schedules and define the order each alternate schedule is applied.

Do we control the type of sound sent for a school bell event?

  • Yes, you control the type of sounds sent during a school bell event. You can send the same tone, apply unique tones for specific events, and even define the type of audio sound. Choices include sending music, audio with voice speaking, other audio sounds. As long as the file format meets standard audio formats, you can upload and define it as part of a school bell event.

Can we send audio and text during school bell events?

  • No, you are limited to audio for school bell events.

Can we stop a currently active school bell schedule?

  • You can stop and/or change a school bell schedule any time.

Does the School Bell an event over the IP phone only?

  • No, you define what devices send the audio bell event.

So can I send school bell sounds to multiple devices in the same area?

  • Yes, you can send a school bell event to the overhead speaker and the IP phone at the same time.

Can control what rooms/area hear the school bell event?

  • Yes, you control what rooms/areas receive the school bell event. It is possible to send an event to one room and not another room.

Can we manage school bells from any web browser?

  • No, IPcelerate requires our customers use Microsoft Internet Explorer for the school bells capability.

Can I define the volume for the school bell events?

  • You do have the capability to define the volume of the school bells capability through the global system choices.

Is it easy to add new IP speakers to our school bell coverage area?

  • Yes, just work with your technical team to add a connection path between the school bell device and our product. As long as your Cisco CUCM can communicate with the device, we can add it to your school bell choices.

So is it possible to operate our school bells without the paging capability being active?

  • No, the school bells capability uses configuration choices assigned through the paging capability. Paging defines what devices there are and what paging zones they are included within. You only need to do this for devices. Once they are assigned to a paging zone, you work normally with your school bell solution.

Is there security so we don't have unauthorized people accessing the system?

  • Yes, you can only control School Bells with the proper user name and password.

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