Quick Alert FAQ's

Is IPsession Add-ons Quick Alerts and IPsession Mobile Quick Alerts the same thing?

  • Yes, they are part of the same solution.  You need to purchase IPsession Quick Alert Add-ons.  Once purchased, you have the ability to add Quick Alert to any mobile device.  You must purchase a Quick Alert license for each mobile device that is using Quick Alert

Does the Quick Alert capability include my location information?

  • Yes, Quick Alert collects and displays your location as part of the Quick Alert event

How does the system collect my location detail?

  • Quick Alert displays your location based on your GPS location (for devices that have GPS)
  • Quick Alert also displays information base on where you are within a WiFi environment

How accurate is the GPS and WiFi location detail for a Quick Alert event?

  • The GPS location is the most accurate location available
  • WiFI location information is not as accurate (due to WiFi limitations not IPcelerate)

Does Quick Alert constantly update my location?

  • Quick Alert displays your location each time the Quick Alert button is selected

So does that mean Quick Alert is not tracking my location all the time?

  • Correct, Quick Alert only updates and displays your location when you select the Quick Alert button
  • If you don't select the button, no information is sent

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