Streamz FAQ's

Can we get Streamz without IPsession Mobile?

  • Yes, IPsession software includes the capability to send Streamz from an IPsession Mobile device.  If the mobile device is licensed for IPsession Mobile they can work with Streamz

So there is IPsession Mobile Streamz and IPsession Add-on Streamz, what is the difference?

  • IPsession offers Streamz for mobile devices and Streamz from any device with a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome).  The Streamz capability for a browser allows you to create and view Streamz content from devices with browser support.  The IPsession Mobile Streamz sends and receives content to mobile devices

Can I send Streamz content to people that have not purchased IPcelerate's Streamz capability?

  • Yes, you can send a Streamz event to anyone with a browser.  Depending on configuration, they can respond back with text comments

Can we add text, images, and video to a Streamz event?

  • Yes, you can send text, images, audio, and video with a Streamz event

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